What you are about to read is not a news report; it is neither a bulletin nor an alert. Rather, it is a collection of accounts of strange and unusual occurrences – some solved, some unsolved, but all mysterious. These reports have circulated for decades; some so much that they have become the sources of legends and rumors, even theories involving deep conspiracies. Despite many investigations and countless hours of research, there remain many questions unanswered. However, for every mystery there is someone out there who knows the truth, who possesses the evidence to solve the riddle. Maybe that someone will open this book and find their report. That someone could even be you.

Ahead you will find tales of ghosts, missing persons, ancient legends, and extraterrestrial visitors. What are their stories, or, more importantly, where did their stories come from? Read the enclosed accounts and decide for yourself.

Please, join us – maybe you can help the Frightening Floyds solve a mystery.

Published by Jacob Floyd

I am an author of horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction, and also an author of paranormal nonfiction with my wife Jenny - together we are known as the Frightening Floyds. We also own and operate four small presses: Anubis Press (paranormal nonfiction), Nightmare Press (horror), Wild West Press (weird west and traditional western), and Poet Tree Grove (poetry). I have many blogs for different topics. This is the hub for all of them.

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