The Frightening Floyds invite you to be our ghost as we take you on a tour of the happiest haunted place on Earth! In this book, you will read about much of the alleged paranormal activity as well as urban legends spanning the various Disney theme parks around the world. From the haunted dolls of It’s a Small World to the real ghosts of the Haunted Mansion, there are many spirits here to greet you. And make sure to say “Good morning” to George at Pirates of the Caribbean.

Enjoy the spooky and fascinating tales in Be Our Ghost! And don’t worry, there are no hitchhiking ghosts ahead…or are there?

Published by Jacob Floyd

I am an author of horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction, and also an author of paranormal nonfiction with my wife Jenny - together we are known as the Frightening Floyds. We also own and operate four small presses: Anubis Press (paranormal nonfiction), Nightmare Press (horror), Wild West Press (weird west and traditional western), and Poet Tree Grove (poetry). I have many blogs for different topics. This is the hub for all of them.

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