From the Frightening Floyds, the pair of paranormal enthusiasts who brought you Be Our Ghost and Haunts of Hollywood Stars and Starlets comes a new adventure into the realm of the unknown – Aliens Over Kentucky.

This collection includes the most noted extraterrestrial encounters from the Bluegrass State, such as the Kelly Creatures Incident of 1955, the Stanford Abductions, the Dogfight above General Electric, and the tale of Capt. Thomas Mantell chasing a UFO through Kentucky skies. But that’s not all. There are lesser known, but equally intriguing, reports herein, such as the train collision with the UFO, stories of unexplained crop circles and cattle mutilations, Spring-heeled Jack, the Meat Shower of 1876, and many eyewitness reports of various unidentified crafts.  You’ll also read a couple of personal experiences from the authors, and even Muhammad Ali gets involved in the alien action.

Join Jacob and Jenny Floyd as they dig into the mysterious cases and theories regarding Kentucky’s “X-Files”. Just be sure to keep one eye on the book and the other on the sky…

Published by Jacob Floyd

I am an author of horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction, and also an author of paranormal nonfiction with my wife Jenny - together we are known as the Frightening Floyds. We also own and operate four small presses: Anubis Press (paranormal nonfiction), Nightmare Press (horror), Wild West Press (weird west and traditional western), and Poet Tree Grove (poetry). I have many blogs for different topics. This is the hub for all of them.

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